Baltimore World Fair, 1914

Baltimore World Fair, 1914

Baltimore is listed in the Ministry of Truth’s official list of World Fairs for the year 1914. There wasnt much of a world presence though, not like some of the other expos like Paris and Chicago, still, it’s there. People trying to research the World Fairs usually agree alot of stuff doesn’t add up.

There are no written accounts I could find describing events. I did find mention of a photo album scrapbook held by the State Archives, which has been transferred to a defunct museum. This scrapbook has live shots, this is a copy of the program stills. If anyone ever locates the missing box of pics pl send me a copy, thanx.

I did locate a full copy of the official program, nearly 300 pages, which included many low quality pictures of architecture most would recognize from the more popular International Expos.

Also, I got a copy of the Masonic Temple Arch

Star Spangled Banner Centennial Celebration

The program gives a narrative of the penning of the Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key during the bombardment of Ft McHenry. The story is bullshit. They write it to appear organic, a natural occurrence to the rise of a National Anthem. Key was in one of the bloodlines and the tune was being sung at campfires the very same weekend along the entire coast. The music section was written in advance and the words added later. it was scripted, just like everything else in normie history. The first half of the program is dedicated to Key and the Fair puts on a reenactment of the bombardment. So they had this World Fair to honor a false flag? Sure, they do it all the time, but this is not an isolated event, connected to the other World Fairs the same strange patterns emerge.

Oh yeah, Ft McHenry is a starfort, this is significant

Take the S.S.B.C.C. Committee and organizers. They are all high ranking officials… politicans, military, industry, art spooks, financial gatekeepers…

Baltimore Great Fire 1904

DEW you see what I see?
Fire so hot it pulverizes solid buildings into piles of rubble but leaves wooden telegraph poles and thin cables in tact? The advertisement poster on the wall isnt even charred

Making things more of a head scratcher is that this celebration came less than a decade after most of the city had been burned to the ground. Thats how I started looking for the World Fair here. A few years before that Baltimore was a major point in what school books call the Great Railroad Strike. St Louis, Chicago, San Fransisco all had prominent place in the strike, they each also had a ‘Great Fire’ and hosted a World Fair. Since Bmore fit a pattern I look for further matches. Bmore also had a great fire followed by a World Fair.

1914 Baltimore World Fair Photos

All these photos are taken from the program with a screen shot app. This means they are original from 1914. I bring this up bc everytime I see someone comment on these kinds of things its the same thing, “Where are all the people?” So I hate to be a turd in the punch bowl that has to remind everyone there are so many ways to delete obstructions from photos its crazy. You can edit out people, crowds, cars, trees… anything right. Well they didnt have that in 1914, so I ask, ‘Where are all the fucking people?’. I found the program on google books, so its not impossible this is a fake, its not like I found the program in grandmas attic but i find it highly improbable these have been tempered with

Funny they mention the sewer system, like San Fran, the sewer is too advanced for this timeline, an engineering marvel. there is no record of being built.