Intelligence Project: Miles Mathis

Chemtrail denial and mentalist sleight of hand to hi-jack the truth movement

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He had me going for awhile, but they always out themselves, Most times you can tell by the things they say, Sometimes it by the things they leave out. Thats what makes this operation so much different, he tells the truth about everything. So whatever you cross check is going to be accurate, establishing trust. But he knows the reality is very few are going to actually check, and after they find out hes right a few times they give up and go away. He can tell the truth and prove his point without telling you everything knowing you arent going to check. This way he can hide certain people and events. Manipulating someones perception by intentionally withholding information is called ‘Omissive Lying’. Its a sneaky form of deception, one that we havent seen to this degree before, but make no mistake, Agent Mathis is one of the same people he claims to be set against.

Where should we start? First off I want to say this is only a handful of notes I been keeping mentally. There are now so many red flags and tells with this operation now though i had to start keeping a file. So this is what i got:

Lets begin with his name. You have the capitol M’s of course everyone can see that, comparable to Marilyn Monroe… Id say more Marilyn Manson though… I think bc Manson is a bigger phony… Just personal preference I guess, the double M’s are important equally in all instances. Also throw in the rapper Eminem and the candy as well just to drive it home. Im sure there are countless more but you get the point. There are also just as many reasons why this is significant so you can pick your choice there too, Im not going to argue trivial details. You are expected to already be a certain level so i can skim bullet points like why these symbols are so important to these people. they just are. Our M.M. claims is middle name is William. You missed it the first time huh? M.W.M. These parasites are so inverted there is no differentiating. Doubles are special, triples even moreso. W is just an inverted M, making him the triple threat. Miles ‘Triple Threat’ Mathis. You can go with the Satanic Laws of Inversion or the Rule of Threefold or the Pythagorean triangle, whatever resonates for you. It’s a thing. I have seen people point out in the comment section the first and last name start with M. Nobody hit on the ‘W’ that i could find. I know I lost a few of you already that dont get it. This is not the paper to break down all the reasons this is important, it just is. The M can be turned 90* making it a 3. So initials MM become 33, which comes up somewhere else on his bio. Not only that but M is the 13th letter of the alphabet. 13 is a powerful number by itself. Think the 12 zodiacs and the sun or another interpretation 12 disciples and Jesus, the So(u)n. The inverted W making him MMM, or 333. Occultists use 333 to hide 666 all the time. This is not just some coinky-dink however my accusations do not hang on some numerology. You can disregard this entire paragraph if you like and my case is still firm.

On to the ‘Edition 33’ bronze pieces in his gallery… Thats twice we have a juvenile shout out to his handlers that deserves note. Even if this was organically somehow the 33rd edition of anything he cannot claim ignorance and continues to promote them. Anyone that does the level and depth of research he claims would not have any association with these psychopaths. Whether they are genuine or not is irrelevant, they raise suspicion.

[finally got started on the Harriet Shelly demon whore in its own article.]

Those two I noticed right off the top, the first time I went on his page before i even read his stuff he had two strikes on him most entry level researchers should recognize. Learn to recognize them for yourself so you are not dependent on assholes like this for incomplete truths. Let me reiterate here that if you think these red flags are flimsy thats ok. My case does not hang on them and I couldve left them out altogether but they DO merit note. It does not matter if they are bullshit to you, they absolutely are not bullshit to the parasite class that use them so intentfully. Mathis knows this as well, yet here they are

The hard part calling him out was he told the truth. Thats his modus operandi. Dont tell direct lies and appear transparent. Its how he hides, by pretending to be honest and open. Nobody can take a statement of his and come back with evidence that supersedes his claim. And worst, to prove he was deceptive intentionally… Take every single controlled outlet. They give themselves away by what they say. Like fake ass Julian Assanges’ comments that he is ‘constantly annoyed’ by 9-11 truth bc it is a ‘distracting false conspiracy’ outs him as an agent in one sentence. Nobody can do that with ‘Triple Threat’ bc he tells the truth. Mostly. He has to mislead you in other ways.

For me the really obvious lies I found in his work came early and I can now use the experience as personal insight why you should always trust your gut. Miles chemtrail paper was the worst thing id ever seen. It WAS as bad as Assange saying 9-11 was a false conspiracy. This single paper outs him as a disinfo agent and the rest is supporting evidence.

If you havent read that paper the link is above so you can follow along as I hit the important stuff. The pdf is only 7 pages long but the first 4 are just smoke and mirrors. He talks about other agents he has worked with on other intelligence projects so hes sure you understand he knows who they really are. He outright admits these ex (?) co-workers and their pages are fronts but expects you to believe he was totally ignorant and not in the same league bc he told you the truth about other stuff. Then he goes into some of the other stuff he was truthful about. See how that works? He starts out by dropping a few names and sites, Veterans Today tbe, just you let you know they are controlled fronts. I mention VT for a reason we will get to later. He brings up Natural News and Infowars. Of course. He tells you how fake Alex jones is so that means the Triple Threat himself cannot be fake. He talks about Infowars all the time. They only promote their own. There is no such thing as negative publicity. Every time he tells you how fake Jones is he is promoting himself, hiding behind Jones’ fakeness. Using him to prove how unfake Mathis is. This is how they prop each other up. He probly has Hicks on speeddial so they can coordinate an info leak and Miles can use to show how much faster and unfaker he is.

This is how most of the article goes. Notice it doesnt go into chemtrails for over half the essay, but when he finally does his intro gives it away. He knows he has to get you to swallow a big ol spoonful of horseshit so he lays it on real thick.

“The spooks assume that enough noise can drown out anything, but I have found by long experience that the truth tends to rise above the din by a music all its own. Somehow the truth just sounds different than a lie. It is in a different key, so that no amount of noise can cover it.”

Once you are aware of the illusion it no longer has its effect on you, when you see the manipulation for what it is. He is prepping you to accept a bold face lie with that gay ass wannabe poetic gobbelty-gook. Its comical the blatant psy-op tactics he uses…people really buy this? Yes they do bc he is telling the truth in its own context. The truth really does have its own vibration. You feel it. The lie doesnt come in till later. Taking you to a physical manifestation of information processing and using that instinctual response to pass a direct and purposeful lie. This is a textbook classic. Suggestion is making the voice of the handler appear to be the inner voice of the victim. Concerningly he calls it the future of research. Whats the future? His bullshit fakeass lies, or the MK-Ultra style mental manipulation tactics. That goes both ways too btw, deception has its own music as well, as hard as you try to mask it with a few truths the deception will always stand out.

Finally he includes a link he claims proves everything he said about chemtrails, which at pg 5 of 7 is only a few sentences worth. The link is now 404 but it was in the wayback machine here. The homepage of the 404 link is still available here. So let me say a few things about this that is another tell. The site is called Mayan Magix and its got all the entry level sun and pyramid symbolism and astrological new agey evolution crap that goes hand in hand. Definitely NOT a credible reference for any science related field. It contains all the symbols Mathis ousts as intel fingerprints in almost every essay he writes, including magic and shamanism. That this somehow slipped past him is just as likely that his edition 33 and MWM are natural.

So how did Mathis arrive at this particular page? Well his alibi is it that it was the first link that came up in his keyword search ‘chemical composition of chemtrails’. Thats a goddam lie. First off every entry level researcher learns fast that only the promoted disinfo sites are at the top of any search. He wouldnt absent mindedly make this mistake. Secondly, you cant get real results from a keyword search containing the word ‘chemtrails’. Algorithm’s direct all traffic looking for chemtrails to the disinfo agent hang outs, first to the science authorities to discredit it, then the controlled opposition that admit it but feed you shit . You have to look for things under keywords like solar radiation management or geoengineering. Even then you have to untangle the disinfo associated with these searches bc they know what information you are really looking for. Thirdly…I mean come on… ‘Mayan Magix’… Again we see the MM initials like a ‘For a good time call…’ written on the shithouse wall. See above if you still dont understand.

The link Miles provides sends you to a page that is unlike the rest of the site. Why would chemtrail composition be on a site dedicated to ancient Mayan Codexes? He knows you are not going to check his links though and if you did you will find exactly what he says. This is smoke and mirrors. Like mathis himself, this page gives real data but leads to the wrong conclusions.

“Laboratory examination of those chemicals found that they were manufacturing wastes from military, industry, and biowarfare substances.”

Bullshit. It confirms they are manufactured by the military but not that they are waste. It also doesnt specify what kind of examination was performed. The whole article stands up to brief scrutiny except that single sentence. It is the same technique Mathis uses in his fake article when he uses loads of truth to disguise his lies. The sentence pulls the cover off the whole thing… aside from the Mayan Magic wordplay and symbolism even. That mathis copy and pastes this exact sentence in his chemtrail denial essay to confirm his lies as well blows the lid off him just as efficiently.

Another telltale sign is he kept repeating the mistake of saying ‘bio-‘ instead of ‘geo-‘ engineering. Bioengineering this and Bio engineering that. Not just once or twice either, every single time in the article.

Triple Threat compares pollutants in the sky as similar to fluoride in the water. See how he brings in another operation and tries to protect it. He props up one lie with another seeming to validate both. This is another manipulation technique. He insinuates corporations dumped some waste in the water supply for lack for storage to save a few bucks but it just coincidentally happens to be one of the most toxic substances on the planet and a developmental neurotoxin. It was a complete accident with unintended but acceptable side effects, just like chemtrails. Also interesting that he would choose fluoride as an example is the connection of fluoride and aluminum itself. They have synergetic relationship in that they each do harm separately but have an intensified effect when added together.

He follows with some kind of weak attempt of justification using science mumbojumbo thats only meant to confuse you. There are no links to support his argument, even though he knows you wont look he offers no fake science disinfo MMagick MMayan type sites. He dismisses cloud seeding in 2 or 3 sentences with no evidence. He cant discredit it with real information so he switches to word fuckery. Specifically, the Magic-Mayan-provided-list of the ‘chemical composition of chemtrails’ contain about a dozen agents… 13 to be exact. Chai. The first two are aluminum and barium. Ok so let me say the list he accepts was written by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. GTFOH. A food activist that started the controversial ‘Primal’ diet is a painfully obvious spook. Another colleague of Mathis I presume. Remember these ppl only promote their own kind… So miles takes what Mr Aajonus listed as gospel. Then he compares it to the other list of cloud seeding ingredients he lifted off the Ministry of Truth that is wikipedia. He fails to tell you where he gets this second list, no bogus links to wiki or a heads-up its where he got it. I guess he expects you to just think he knows this shit off the top of his head. Would you ever take any researcher serious that uses wiki as a source, without question or without even a warning this is where the info is coming? Fuck no. I will never link to wiki unless i am there to present the official narrative which I am dismantling. He concludes chemtrails are not cloud seeding operations bc the two completely trustworthy lists do not have the same constituents. Furthermore, if you add his cloud seeding list to a keyword search containing the word ‘chemtrails’ you find all kinds of hits. From there you can use your own discretion. There are many types of chemtrails and compositions, cloud seeding is only one. He treats the two as completely separate.

Of course he throws in there the global warming fear mongerers. this is more self promotion/validation. ‘Look how fake they are. Not me. Im not fake bc i told you they are fake.’ He just told the second biggest hunk of crap in the world (chemtrail denial) so he has to remind you of the even biggest piece of crap. (global warming) Thats all you are supposed to take away from the essay as a whole but also from this statement as well. Thats why he has a 5 page intro about how faker the other guys are, he has to keep focus on them. If a known spook like Jones or Rogan made this same statement the whole community would be on his ass.

Immediately after he tries to slip that little maneuver past his fluoridated and chemtrailed reader he directs the focus to another essay of his on the Lincoln assignation… Which is a dose of truth. The big truths he hangs on to so people wont notice his shit smell. “Let me rush over this lie real quick so i can remind you how not fake I am. See, I told you Lincoln faked it, now believe me here too. Lookit my evil fake enemies are scurrying.” He is mentioning the Nat Geo and Smithonian Mag ran stories about Lincoln shortly after his came out. “Theyre so fake”. He is wrapping up a full-on psychological attack on the reader at this point. He adds a few more names of known agents and their recent works, all relating to Lincoln. He claims it is proof he is being countered by the MSN. I say it is more evidence they all get their orders from the same handler. Everyone gets an order from above to publish the same topic, the release dates are predetermined. He puts out the perception he is the victim. Hmm…Perceived victimhood, who does that remind you of?

To end he throws in there a Hail Mary and switches to his Pi=4 paper. Thats his Grand Finale. That might be the funniest part, I guess he figures anybody stupid enough to believe his chemtrail essay will believe anything. Im not saying it is wrong. I am saying he knows most ppl dont have an understanding of what pi=4 means. I am saying he is using your misunderstanding as a way to appear more intelligent than he is, thus distorting your perception. I am saying that he used this sleight of hand con to knock you over after he already had you off-balance from the mixed bag of truth lies propaganda and self validation he hit you with for 7 pages.

His response when I asked him about how is it possible to be so far wrong about chemtrails and so right about everything else was one sentence that he just doesnt have the time and will get back to it maybe later. Thats why he uses the prefix Bio everytime. Bio-engineering and geo-engineering are completely different things. He can claim ignorance, plausible deniability. ‘OOPS, Silly me, well i admitted i just glanced over it briefly. See, I wasnt intentionally lying, I couldnt even spell the word correctly’. This is another manipulation technique. His ego is so huge he couldnt stand to be that wrong. Im sure I have not been the only one to tell him his chemtrail paper was terrible and raised suspicions and yet he leaves the tell where it is.

Triple Threats specialty is distorting perception. He doesnt lie outright. Usually. He lies via omission sure but that is a symptom and not the disease. He is trying to co-opt the truth movement. ‘the future of research’ as he cryptically puts it. Just about every paper he puts out is loaded with that victim mentality, all the shills are ganging up on him. Not just on the side lines either some of his headlines are things like ‘Was I a topic at Bilderberger?’ LOL Fuck no and he knows it but thats not the point. The point is you perceive that relationship of ‘him vs them’. This is the most extreme he could come up of a ‘me vs them’ relationship. Extremes are what imprints in peoples minds, he is literally trying to imprint that ‘him vs them’ image into your brain. If you dismiss him as arrogant or egotistical or a fag doesnt matter, even better really, as long as youre not thinking they are on the same side, which they are. Whats another pillar of successful propaganda? Repetition of course, repeat the lie often enough till it becomes believed, thats why he hits you in every article.

He says he got a copy of the Bilderberger itinerary from an anonymous source. LOL Im sure he did, gtfoh. His document lays out several general topics one of which is ‘post-truth world’. It doesnt mention him at all but he wants that association to be burned into your brain. I do not like the thought of a post truth world and the future of research being thrown around like predictive programming. He assumes every mention of truth research is directed at him

The recently released essay “bad conspiracy theorist’ he does the same thing. Miles uses the same self-validation/self-promotion he always does, referencing the same people that he always uses to prop himself up. I have long believed the these common known shills are only there to give the lesser known shills like Triple Threat Mathis street cred. This time he does a real good job kissing his readers ass, you know, just to make them feel good about themselves for blindly falling for his illusionist sleight of hand decption. Flattery is another tool of manipulation. He hijacks any credit the community is getting and focuses all the energy on himself.

The Bad conspriacy theorist paper focuses on an article thats been regurgitated since the 70’s. Thats what MWM is doing, reregurgitating the same crap, just with a twist at the end. This time he claims the entire thing is directed at him. Paraphrasing it says two mistakes researchers use are incorrectly using A and B to determine C without cross checking, which they are correct, you should absolutly verify everything yourself. They offer a specific researcher but this can be applied to any researcher and much broader is about Hitler research itself. I say this been used periodically to discourage the entire field. Mathis is using psychological tricks to fool the reader into believing he is the target, that he is special, he is different, an ultimate authority. More importantly is that you think lesser of yourself. That you cant do it. that you need him to do it. Thats the purpose behind all the self validation and self promotion, its just as much important to get you to feel like you cant do it as for you to believe that he can.

They only reference to themselves an prop each other with their lies. Triple Threat himself probly speeddailed Hicks and told him to reprint the story for for the street cred. For promotion of his own stuff. Lets even pretend for a second all that i have presented so far is wrong. that he doesnt omit and lie on purpose, that would still mean he has missed enough not to be an authority on shit. you have to take him as you would the same as any source. Dont believe nothing you didnt confirm for yourself.

The second mistake they say is people try to lump all conspiracies together into one giant conspiracy. That is misdirection. Alot of people go through alot of trouble to make you think everything is random and unconnected, a series of unrelated events. Bullshit. they all are related. there is only one conspiracy everything else is just a vehicle. it all overlaps and connects. These people and families go back forever so false flags and hoaxes go back hundreds of years and the participants cross each others paths so often that two seemingly unrelated events that happen a century apart and a world away are indeed very closly related. Mathis spits you incomplete stories that are true but so that you dont make the other connections for yourself makes sure you feel like you cannot do it.

Miles doesnt address the article head on or explain any of this to you, he only wants you to come away thinking the article is directed at him. ‘They are so fake, look at them attack me, Im not fake.’ Sounds familiar.


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  1. james digiovannantonio says:

    fuck heads Im on to you


    1. Go get ’em, Tiger


  2. Jack Johnson says:

    I understand that English may not be your second language but proper grammar is very important in the truth movement. This is so because those on the opposite side of the coin are looking for anything and everything to discredit those in the truth movement. I have seen instances such as, “See, how can anybody believe you guys if you cannot even spell properly?” Whether English is or is not your native language I suggest you educate yourself on English grammar and/or find someone who is knowledgeable of English grammar to proofread your information before you post it online. Also, the vulgar language does nothing but make you look like an uneducated, blithering, loose-canon. Clean up your act and others will be more likely to follow you and possibly believe a single word of what you bring to the table.


    1. you think i give a fuck about what you consider propper grammer? you can take a hike along with anyone else that would try and belittle someone because they dont use spell checker. You really think my motivation is gaining your acceptance? if the only thing you can bitch about is grammar it means my info is correct. you got nothing.


  3. A says:

    Perhaps you should look into MM s upbringing. That outs him far better than your article. Especially the picture of him as a teenager lying on his brand new Mercedes.


    1. maybe you should go do your own article about it bro if its such a good idea.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could give proper credit to the person who suggested it, but this person speculated MM was a Tavistock creation and ‘his’ research papers are written by a team.


    1. youd have to remind me where i say Mathis & Co. is a tavistock creation, I dont think thats accurate. absolutely there is a team of sock/meat puppets, thats what the entire CTTF webpage is all about, his support team/fan club, but how much of the script is fed to him and by whom is up to the readers discernment. thank you for your input.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Your wrong tho :p youll get it someday. Ill go read his essay on chemtrails now.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Okay ill tell you why that’s my opinion. If you use ushashashi ayanamsa and 108th harmonic in astrology you come to the most important chart. And I, like him have lilith conjunct moon there. And that specifically has the effect of what u called ‘poetic gook’. Just being able to sense truth like he said.


      1. Im wrong about what? Sorry, you’ll have to be a little more clear, all i got is hakuna matata and aces and eights. I can sense truth too, the other half is I can sense bullshit. Your boy got alot of bullshit with him. call it whatever you want, Dragonlady.


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